IOT Application Development

As India’s leading app development company, we help global businesses explore the possibilities of internet -things. Right from the strategy, consultation, implementation and integration of IoT into the client’s infrastructure, we integrate gateways, edge devices, and cloud platforms to provide you with a perfectly designed IoT ecosystem.

IoT App Development

What is IoT App Development?

The Internet of Things ( IoT) is a remarkable technology that connects the physical world and the virtual world. Lately, it has gained a lot of momentum as the power of IoT has been harnessed by various business domains and the new-gen consumers across the globe.

IoT is a dynamic concept where we connect everyday objects by using the Internet. We have a wide range of things like our phone, refrigerator, car, headphones, lamps, house-holding items (Home automation devices). IoT app development allows creating relationships or communication between people to people, people to objects & objects to objects.

Our technology team at Programmatic AI helps you enhance your business efficiency by making your devices even brighter using our top-notch intelligent IOT application development services.

Our talented team has IoT developers with 10+ yrs. of industry experience, having expertise in the latest tools like Android Studio, Jenkins, and Jira. We also build native apps using Java and follow a simple architecture for the development process.

We have substantial domain expertise in Healthcare, AI, e-Commerce and fitness. We use Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Blue Tooth, Zig Bee, NFC, and Beacons to keep your application stand apart.


IoT Application - The Need Of Every Business Today

IoT is a modern state of the art technology, ensuring the objects communicate with each other either through data exchange or sensors using different channels, like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, iBeacon, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart.
Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring reduces the risk factor associated with business operations. In addition, it helps businesses to manage track daily tasks by eliminating errors.

Keep your customers happy.

The collected data can be used to analyze the customer interactions, planning better strategies for making better decisions for the future, and enhancing a better user experience.

Interactive and customization

IoT enables the developers to open new doors of customization by making an app more flexible and interactive. As a result, it improves the efficiency of services for you and your customers.

Wider Audience

Every business craves a broader audience base IOT application is an innovative and intelligent way to reach and interact with a broader audience through a single technical platform.

Extra Security

IoT adds extra security over hacking and counters with a robust safety layer, several entry points, and data encryption to ensure complete data safety, which impresses your user and helps retrieve trust.

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