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Are you deploying a newly developed Software at the customer’s premise or launching a web or mobile application without prior or limited testing? Hold On as it may affect the brand reputation right from the first batch of users. Outsource your web, mobile app and software testing to a professional Software testing and QA solutions company like Progmattic AI, and launch a bug-free product.


Progmattic AI helps you create a bug-free, fully equipped, hassle-free product that facilitates a better business outreach.

Our highly experienced testers and Quality Analysts (QAs) team use our state of the art lab to test your apps across multiple browsers, devices, and platforms. We create test cases based on the real-time scenarios, test your apps, software and automate them to ensure 100% quality.

As a professional software testing company in India, We provide sophisticated Software Testing services with a proficient testing team dedicated to consistently delivering quality. Our standard testing procedures have a perfect mix of manual as well as automated testing. Our focus remains to ensure better quality at each juncture of the project. We always target zero level post-delivery defects to achieve customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to achieve customer satisfaction with a judicious mix of manual and automated testing procedures, defining test plans and test cases for the most complex scenarios. We will make sure that your software matches up to all your requirements and presents the best performance on multiple devices and platforms.


Programmatic AI – The Distinct Advantages

We believe that outsourcing the service can satisfy the requirements of the client up to a certain extent. We undertake quality full-cycle web and mobile application testing that helps us stand out in the market. Our speciality in the testing domain is as follows.

  • We have good domain knowledge and an understanding of quality assurance.
  • We can manage the delivery time pretty well.
  • Flexible quality assurance and avail an on-demand service
  • Structured Plan of Action

Progmattic AI quality assurance team with their professional approach leads to equip a quality service. Read on how our team treats their work to bring out the best in software testing

We provide Perfect documentation, Bug reporting, Regression testing, Development of the apt Test Cases and Retesting in search of loopholes to ensure the features are kept secured.


Programmatic AI – Highlights Of Our Core Services
Web Application Testing

Deployment of quality web apps

Whatever sound business strategy you have on paper can fail if your web application is faulty and not meeting user expectations. Our web application testing detects everything from the functionality, UI/UX, and security issues for small, simple, and complex websites. Sustaining your business in today’s competitive market scenario is essential. Think of a scenario when you keep adding marketing costs, but your web app cannot convert. Must be a worried man? Here you have an option. Outsource your web application testing to Programmatic AI, a leading web application testing company, and we will make sure that each build of your web app is bug-free and ready for deployment.

Web App Testing Services

Our web application testing services ensure your web app is up-to-date and secure enough to invoke conversions. We undertake the following types of testing:
 Functional Testing
 UI/UX Testing
 Cross Browser Testing
 Usability Testing again based on Cross-browser
 3rd Party Plugin Integration Testing
 Security Analysis
 Accessibility Testing
 Load and Performance testing

Software Testing

As a professional software testing company in India, we extend the best of quality to our customers. Our Desktop / Web / Mobile App testing has an impeccable reputation for bringing in cost-effectiveness and reduce rework time by identifying possible issues at the early stages of the project life cycle. We provide you with an unbiased assessment of the quality of the applications through a well-thought mix of manual and automated testing.
Automated Testing Services

We provide discrete focus to Automated software testing services by our specialist team, who work with modern testing tools and provide first-hand customer inputs. We simulate scenarios and mix both manual and automated testing as a part of our test plans and cases.

Manual Testing Services

In manual testing, we replicate the user’s behaviour, following the consistent processes, testing the exact scenario to cull out all the bugs before real-time system implementation. We follow our particular test cases and plans. As a result, the software tested by us is very reliable, quality-wise rich and full proof. Our bouquet of independent software testing service offerings is as follows.


Web Application Testing Browser Compatibility Testing Security Testing Database Testing Usability Testing Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing Load Testing

Desktop Application Testing

Database Testing Performance Testing Regression Testing Usability Testing

Mobile Application Testing

Multiple Device Testing Resolution Testing Platform/OS-based Testing UI/UX Testing Compatibility Testing Usability Testing Regression Testing Functional Testing

Programmatic AI Security & Penetration Testing Services

Security Testing

Our Comprehensive security testing service uncovers your system’s vulnerabilities. We help enterprises maintain business continuity and security validation services involving powerful IoT, Cloud, and SAP technologies. As a reputed penetration testing company in India, We deploy an effective pen testing methodology by setting up a simulated cyberattack against your software application to identify system vulnerabilities. Based on the report, we advise security measures. Our penetration test models typically include the following steps.  Creation of Threat Models  Develop Test Plan  Run Test Cases  Create Vulnerability Report  Perform RCA (Root Cause Analysis)  Handover the RCA report to the client with recommended security measures

Performance Testing

We all experience in our day to day life the ineffectiveness of some applications after downloading from the play store. The common problems we all encounter are that they are too slow and gives not so pleasant experience. As a result, we try to get rid of them from our smartphones. Through the performance testing, we evaluate and confirm that the capacity of your product to withstand bottlenecks and puts forth bug-free and fast Apps ahead of your users so that they never even think to uninstall it. An App's efficiency is measured by how smoothly it can perform a given task and meets scalability and stability requirements under specific workloads. By going with our wide variance of performance testing services, we ensure that your application has a fast start-up time, better battery usage, better memory utilization, superior reaction time and good network performance.

Automation Testing Service

Automation testing is a time-tested means to enhance the QA team's productivity and is an absolute must to dealing with complex test data and end-to-end test coverage. At Programmatic AI, we always make an effort to balance the ideal software test automation framework and various automation challenges. It is our proven method to come up with open source-based test automation solutions. We use custom-built automation test frameworks to deliver cost-effective and mission-oriented test solutions. At the same time, not depending solely on cost-effective commercial tools, we consistently research and develop customizable frameworks to make project applications much more accessible.

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